Dr. Bradford Baker welcomes patients to his orthodontics clinic at 203 East 3rd Avenue. Because the office wanted to make it easier for those visiting the clinic to locate the venue, a member of the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of exterior acrylic address signs in Escondido, CA.

Acrylic Address Signage Assists with Wayfinding and Branding

Exterior Acrylic Address Signs in Escondido CA

Since the building’s exterior is white, we proposed the use of an acrylic sign with white lettering on a black imprinted vinyl overlay. Acrylic is the type of material that is exceedingly versatile. It lends itself to the creation of dimensional letters as well as signage boards. Our client chose the board presentation because it creates a neat appearance on the building’s exterior.

By framing the black backdrop with white lines that nevertheless leave a slim black margin, we ensured that the signage complements the façade but stands out visually. Even from a distance, it is easy to notice the writing, which includes the name of the clinic and its specialty. A smaller sign right underneath features the address. This setup creates a visual one-two punch, which attracts the eye and, therefore, draws more attention to the corporate information.

Although we could have painted and imprinted the acrylic itself, we decided to go ahead with digitally printed vinyl. It adds durability to the look and makes cleanup easy. Should the sign ever experience any damage, it would be easy to apply a new overlay. Doing so would save our client time and money.

Signs Featuring a Corporate Identity and Address are Gaining in Popularity

Building Signs for Dentists in Escondido CA

Communities such as Escondido and neighboring cities see an increase in the use of address signs. There are several reasons why these presentations appeal to business owners.

  • Neighborhood feel. Because they are smaller than traditional building signs, address markers are contributing to a friendly neighborhood feel. When it is essential for your business’ brand message to get across this impression, you do well with this signage look.
  • Eye-level marketing. Large building signs are excellent for attracting the attention of consumers across a huge parking lot. However, if you primarily deal with foot traffic in front of your location, the smaller signs are actually much more practical. Because they are at eye level with passersby, they stand out more than a sign higher up on the façade.
  • Color contrasts. Black on white is a visually compelling color presentation. We can achieve the same type of contrast at your location. The trick is to start with the building’s base tone and then find a high-contrast color that nevertheless encapsulates your branding.

Ordering Exterior Acrylic Address Signs in Escondido, CA

Our sign shop routinely works with local business owners who want to ensure that they stand out. When you want to be certain that your customers can find you, entrust your project to our team. No matter what signage solution you select for your building’s façade, we can help.

In addition to the address markers, we also specialize in the design of dimensional letters, channel letters, lightbox cabinets, and plaques. Some clients prefer larger aluminum boards that feature their corporate information along with a menu of products, brands, or services. Contact us today to schedule a design appointment!

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