Located at 1633 6th Avenue, Barber Craft is in the business of providing its customers with the authentic care beards and hair require. Whether you are looking for a new cut or want to freshen up your usual look, these experts can help

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. When the shop needed vinyl window graphics in San Diego, CA, its representative contacted our sign business for assistance.

Dressing up a Bank of Full-Sized Windows with Niche-Specific Images

Storefront Vinyl Window Graphics San Diego CA

We worked with the client to design an appearance that creates a unique brand presentation for the barbershop. Moreover, we worked hard to create a welcoming introduction for the man who might not have visited a bona fide barbershop before.

Our team created a range of die-cut graphics that include shears and shaving equipment. Next, we used our digital printer to achieve the look our client looked for. We repeated the Barber Craft notation with contact details and website address twice. The same goes for the street address. The focal graphic is of a traditional barber that underscores the brand values of consistency, classic service, and authentic artistry.

Anatomy of a Successful Window Graphics Package

3M Vinyl Window Graphics San Diego CA

When you look closely, you will notice that we focused the color choices on the tones of the traditional barber pole, which we display twice on the window panes. Each style element takes on one or more of its colors. Interestingly, blue is also part of the brand tones that you see on the shop’s website, which provides a further tie-in.

By verbalizing part of the brand message, passersby cannot help but learn about this venue’s details. They understand what makes the shop different from the competition. Most importantly, they can quickly determine how this shop differs from a traditional hair salon. Doing so is essential for a shop that seeks to build its customer base.

How Could Window Graphics Entice Your Customer Base to Grow?

Barbershop Vinyl Window Graphics San Diego CA

Colors matter. Did you know that consumers put a lot of importance on the colors that you select for your brand? For a barbershop, some colors are already in place simply because of the tradition that this business model enjoys.

For this shop, the use of red, white, and blue is synonymous with its craft. It tells passersby instantly what line of business the company is in. Therefore, it enables the consumer to put the designs and graphics into perspective.

Is there a set of brand-specific colors that could achieve the same goal for your business? Maybe these are the tones that you are currently using on your website. Then again, they might be the color plays that you have selected for your sales collateral. Our sign team specializes in helping companies feature their brand messages using colors and shapes on windows and doors.

Also, we also encourage the use of window lettering to spell out how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Ordering Vinyl Window Graphics in San Diego, CA

If you have decided that it is time to upgrade the look of the window graphics you currently have – or if you do not have any window graphics at all at this time – we can help you with the design of a setup. Connect with us today to schedule a design consultation.

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