Are you using your windows to display products? If you are like most business owners, you probably do not. Therefore, the windows do not serve any particular purposes at this point. However, did you know that you could transform them into advertising and branding surfaces that boost name recognition and brand awareness among consumers with little more than printed vinyl? We have put together a guide to window graphics for San Diego, CA, business owners to help you take advantage of this product line.

Frosted Vinyl Adds Elegance to Entry Doors

Guide to Window Graphics for San Diego CA: Frosted Vinyl Graphics

The windows of a glass door can distract those who are inside. People walk past the location and peer inside. Sometimes, there is very little to see. Therefore, why not use the windows to repeat your brand information? You frequently see this on the doors of elegant restaurants, mortgage lenders, banks, and similar businesses. The vinyl gives the impression that the glass was frosted at the factory with the corporate identity etched out. You can feature this look for a fraction of the cost.

Perforated Vinyl Combines Climate Control with Advertising

perforated vinyl window graphics: San Diego CA

This vinyl product features tiny perforations. They allow sunlight to pass through, which keeps the natural light coming into your business. Because it slightly reduces it, you do not have the heat build-up that might have bothered you in the past. The consumer on the outside only sees the printed advertising message. This product is ideal for full window wraps that go all around your location. Feature images of products, services, and happy consumers doing business with your representatives.

Standard Vinyl Offers Multiple Options

Storefront Window Graphics San Diego CA

  • Solid vinyl. The light cannot pass through this material. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for stand-alone graphics that feature pictures of your products or whimsical renditions.
  • Translucent vinyl. In this setup, the material allows some light to enter your venue. However, it does not allow for a clear view out. Business clients have had excellent success with this product when treating selected window panes and leaving others clear.
  • Vinyl lettering. Typically, this lettering is something you might see on an entrance door. It features hours of operation as well as contact details. However, car dealerships and electronics stores are now using large-scale letters to advertise new products, special deals, and seasonal offerings. In this way, they can add splashes of colors on large window surfaces that might span the length of a building.

How to Select the Product That Makes Sense for Your Needs

Vinyl Window Graphics for San Diego CA

Our guide to window graphics for San Diego, CA, would be incomplete without mentioning that you do not have to go it alone when deciding on the right product for your needs. For example, some clients opt to mix and match products. They have window graphics that they want to feature for the long term. Typically, they request perforated vinyl for panels they will not change for a few years.

Solid and translucent types of vinyl are good options for stand-alone panels. If you only treat specific window panes, these are the materials to consider. Similarly, they can be ideally suited for changing advertisements that you want to switch out in a few months. For truly short-term products, we recommend the use of static-cling vinyl, which you can remove and reuse if needed.

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