California has a unique need for experienced workers in the marine industry. Because there are so many specialty positions to fill, it can be difficult for employers to find the right candidates. Shipyard Staffing helps make the connection. It works with job seekers as well as employers to match talent with open positions. To boost the ease with which customers could find its location, the firm contacted our sign shop to hire us for a cabinet sign refacing in Chula Vista, CA.

Lightbox Cabinet Shines Brightly with a Fresh Brand Message

Cabinet Sign Refacing in Chula Vista CA

We met with the client to receive the details of the project. Because the firm already has a well-established brand presentation, it was essential that we matched our display to the color palette the company chose. Similarly, the sign needed to fit in with the overall setup of the building.

We began by assessing the structural soundness of the cabinet. Satisfied that it would provide many more years of service, we cleaned the frame. Meanwhile, our technicians manufactured a new facing at the shop. It displays the company’s name and logo in the firm’s chosen color combination of navy blue and orange.

Digitally printed vinyl became an overlay for the polycarbonate facing material. Finally, we installed the finished product. Now, job seekers and hiring managers have an easy time finding the office with the newly refurbished lightbox cabinet.

Save Money by Refacing Rather Than Replacing Box Cabinet Signage

New sign faces for cabinet signs Chula Vista CA

Did you know that we routinely save our business clients money by suggesting cabinet refacing? The process is quick. Similarly, it does not require you to commission an entirely new sign. Rather, you merely receive a new facing. If the LEDs need to be replaced, we can do so at that time. Typically, we also add a fresh coat of paint to the cabinet and perform any minor repairs. This process is inexpensive and gives your sign a new lease on life.

Is Your Sign a Good Candidate for a Refacing Project?

Of course, there are some times when replacing a lightbox cabinet is a better option.

  • Structural problems. If the sign has structural damage, it may not last for longer than another few months. For signs that look like they might fail in a year or so, we usually recommend a replacement.
  • Inexpert installation. In some cases, an improper initial installation makes a sign difficult to service. If there are problems with the installation, we will try to make it right. If this is not possible, we may suggest investing in a new sign.
  • Code violations. Did the last company you worked with cut some corners? If we notice code violations or safety hazards, we always recommend a new product and we possess the required C-45 Contractor’s Sign License to handle electrical signage.
  • Expense. At the onset of each refacing project, we visit the location for a site survey. At that time, we inspect the signage and prepare an estimate. If it is more expensive to fix the sign than to replace it, we will tell you upfront. It is your choice what you want to do, but we firmly believe that you are entitled to all the facts.

That said, the majority of signs we work with are excellent candidates for refacing. These might be box cabinets that clients use as building signs or those that they have incorporated with their monuments. Our team also refaces pylon signs. Tenant panels are another popular refacing project that our shop undertakes.

Get More Information about Cabinet Sign Refacing in Chula Vista, CA

Are you ready to boost the brand recognition of your company? Invite our team to visit your location for a site survey. Whether you need a new cabinet sign or only a refacing, we can help. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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