Located at 606 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Skyline School is a 2018 California Distinguished School. Campus activities emphasize art, music, and technology programs. Recently, the administration contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of exterior architectural lettering in Solana Beach, CA. We also added lettering to their monument sign.

Architectural Letters Assist with Wayfinding

Exterior Architectural Lettering in Solana Beach CA

The primary goal of building letters is to label venues, which helps students, parents, and faculty members with wayfinding. Case in point is the set of letters that identifies the theater. By placing them right on the overhang, they are easy to see for anyone looking toward the entrance. These letters were made of three-inch fabricated aluminum.

3D Acrylic Building Letters Solana Beach CA

Of course, there has to be the cohesion of the visual presentation. For this reason, we used a similar font and color combination for the lettering that we placed on the school’s monument sign. The black tones create an attractive look that is easy to differentiate from the lighter background material.

Another set of letters we put together identifies the administration building. It is the primary point of interest for newcomers to the campus. Our technicians installed it to the top of the overhang, where it looks a lot like the sign we did for the theater. Now the combination of signs makes the campus more comfortable to navigate and creates a visually attractive look and feel around the locale.

Selecting Aluminum Architectural Letters

3D Building Letters Solana Beach CA

When adding aluminum architectural lettering to your location, it typically refers to metal products. Examples might include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, or bronze. The material is durable, allows for large sizing, and withstands weathering with ease. Choose a design style that matches your brand message.

Laser-cut metal is a good option for the business that prefers crisp edges and long, straight lines. The corners are precise. It is fair to say that this is the display choice for companies that use geometric shapes in their advertising.

Cast metal is another option. It encourages the presentation of rounded fronts. When the straight lines do not adequately represent your brand message, the softer look of cast metal is a good alternative. Not only do these letters have rounded fronts, but they also have some softened edges that can be incorporated.

The color play is another consideration. Most people ordering metal architectural letters prefer that we keep the material’s color intact. For example, they might ask for a silvery steel look or a reddish bronze presentation. However, those who order aluminum sometimes ask for other color plays. For example, black is a trendy choice.

Ordering Acrylic Dimensional or Metal Exterior Architectural Lettering in Solana Beach, CA

Monument Signs for Schools

Dimensional letters made from acrylic are another choice that is open to you. Although not as durable as metal, these letters are ideally suited for mounting directly to a façade. For this reason, they are favorite selections for business owners in need of a building sign.

In contrast, architectural metal letters are suitable for mounting in a broad range of ways. Take a page from the playbook of Skyline School, and choose to have them installed standing up on an overhang. Another option is mounting them hanging down from this architectural feature. Of course, a flush mount or standoff installation is always possible as well.

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