Make your contracting business stand out with vehicle lettering and graphics. Because much of your job involves traveling to suppliers and job sites, your truck or van transforms into a mobile billboard. Now, envision what happens when your business operates a large number of vehicles with contractor fleet graphics in Escondido, CA.

Case Study: W.A. Stone Termite & Pest Control

Contractor Fleet Graphics in Escondido CA

Frequent readers of our blog are already familiar with W.A. Stone Termite & Pest Control. Our sign shop assisted this Escondido business with graphics for Ford F-250 and F-150 work trucks as well as a van. Technicians worked with the client to create a design template that would allow for the reprint of new graphics as needed.

Fleet Graphics for Contractors Escondido CA

Most importantly, we used cast vinyl that combines longevity with superior performance. Recently, we worked with this client again. This time, we treated a new vehicle with Ford F150 truck graphics. It displays the iconic pictures that brand the firm’s other vehicles.

Similarly, it presents with the menu of services, corporate details, and contact information. By adding another graphics-treated vehicle to the fleet, W.A. Stone Termite & Pest Control now boosts ad presentation across its service territory.

How Contractors Benefit from Graphics

Contractor Fleet Wraps Escondido CA

There are multiple reasons why featuring these vehicle images work in your favor.

  • Durable. The typical useful life of a good-quality truck wrap is about five to seven years. Some clients can stretch this time even further. Because technicians use the right vinyl raw material in the first place, they ensure that your vehicle’s unique makeup gets treated right.
  • Changeable. Just because you are investing in a long-term product does not mean that you are stuck with a look. Plenty of business clients request annual graphics updates that take advantage of seasonal marketing opportunities. Some also ask us to create product features or design lettering that introduces a new service option. We add it to the existing graphics package.
  • Colorful. The use of colorful designs is a powerful branding tool. It introduces your message, reinforces it, and helps consumers to put a name with a logo or tagline. In short, it is an excellent way of introducing your contracting business when you expand a service territory or want to set up a presence in a new city.
  • Targeted advertising. You have the freedom to go after your targeted customers. For example, if there is an industry trade show in L.A. or another large city, you can drive your vehicle to the event. Even if you do not typically target your advertising efforts in that area, you can be a presence on that particular day.

Selecting the Best Contractor Fleet Graphics in Escondido, CA

Fleet Graphics for Contractors Escondido CA

Discuss your design options with our experts. Large numbers of businesses opt for full vehicle wraps. They cover the entirety of the vehicle. Because they allow you to feature vignette-style ads, they are quite popular for home décor and window contractors.

Partial wraps offer you design flexibility. Choose from a quarter, half, or three-quarter wrap. Our graphic artist helps you develop an appearance that stands out and is aesthetically compelling. We might blend the design in with your vehicle’s base color or create a clean break. Depending on your vision for the finished message, we help you make this design selection.

Ford F150 Fleet Graphics Escondido CA

Graphics and lettering bring the freedom of having text-heavy setups. These are good options for the fleet that displays services menus and multiple contact options. Consider adding on perforated vinyl window covers for the rear and rear side windows. They continue the advertising message.

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