The Hop Stop is coming to 14055 Midland Road. In spring, this family-friendly beer garden intends to open in the neighborhood. With a craft beer taproom and a kitchen, this is going to become an oasis that attracts plenty of business. To start the conversation with the local consumer, the company’s management team asked us to design and manufacture “Coming Soon” banners in Poway CA.

“Coming Soon” Banners Do More Than Announce an Incoming Beer Bar

Coming Soon Banners in Poway CA

Of course, the primary reason for the signage is the announcement that the business intends to throw open its doors to the public in the spring of 2019. However, another reason is the introduction of the company’s name and logo. As locals see more and more of it in print ads, online, and local social media, the logo becomes a familiar sight.

Multiple banners feature the corporate color palette as well as some contrasting tones. Most importantly, the lettering stands out and is easy to read even from a distance away. The banners are now installed on the façade where there are lights. Doing so ensures that even after dark the advertising message is easy to take in.

It is fair to say that these “Coming Soon” banners are attracting the attention that the management team is looking for.

Using Banners to Your Advantage

Opening Soon Banners in Poway CA

The “Coming Soon” banner is only one example of a product that gets attention. Depending on your unique needs, there are other options, too.

  • Mesh banners. Use these for fairs, above the street displays, other outdoor events, or to mount over chain link fencing for more permanent presentations. These banners allow the wind to pass through the material, which prevents rips and extends the product’s useful life.
  • Pole banners. We manufacture these products to mount to light poles and similar tall structures that you have on or in front of your property. They might feature your corporate name and logo or focus on the color palette with a sales message. You frequently see these at car dealerships.
  • Feather flags. Announce sales, special events, or seasonal occasions with feather flags. They move in the wind, which catches the eyes of passersby and motorists. As a result, they are excellent for encouraging the impulse stop. Because of the movement, we recommend that you limit your lettering to keywords that inspire curiosity.

Ordering Wide-Format, Temporary, or “Coming Soon” Banners in Poway CA

Coming Soon Restaurant Banners in Poway CA

Banners are among the most budget-friendly signage solutions. They are quick to put up. Most importantly, they are durable, withstand the elements, and feature vibrant colors. Bold lettering presents your information. Our graphic artist gladly assists you with the design and word choice for your message.

Similarly, we help you with the presentation that best suits your venue’s sizing needs. Besides that, we offer you various mounting options. From side pockets to grommets, there are multiple ways of hanging the banners that would make the most sense for your location. Sometimes, the choice of two or more banners with similar or different messages could heighten the visual appeal of the product.

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