In the marketing world, most businesses prefer advertising and marketing their products and services online and through mobile. But when it comes to grabbing customers’ attention, signs make the best bet.

Studies by FedEx Office, a leader in small business marketing solutions, reveal that store signage and graphics are very effective in attracting customers, especially in business. The survey involved over 500 small businesses in the U.S. and found that almost 76 percent of American consumers enter a store they’ve never visited before based on its signs, and nearly 68 percent actually made a purchase because a sign caught their eye.

“There’s no question attention-grabbing signage has the power to pick up new customers and get business moving. Effective signage is not limited to the front door. It encompasses everything from in-store materials to car clings to posters and banners.” 

Randy Scarborough, vice president of Marketing for FedEx Office

Benefits of Using Creative Business Signs

  1. Location: Unique and creative signs act as a guidepost to your business location, and also attract the attention of new customers. People are led to stop and try your products or services.
  2. Brand promise: Your sign should be designed to convey high stands of your products and their uniqueness. Using a broken signboard, for instance, may fail to convey your brand.
  3. Marketing: Signs can be used in local events or community gatherings to market your business.
  4. Competition: Most restaurants, gas stations and other small businesses use signs to advertise themselves, especially in the competitive area. Signage placed in high traffic area serves to direct traffic to your business and allow potential customers to make impromptu decision to come to you.
  5. Connection: It’s a great idea to add your website to the signage; it allows people who can’t stop now to check for you later. You can also put QR code and make your signage scannable. Your potential customers will be able to download all your relevant information into their mobile device.

For even better connection with people, add a photo of your business location and neighborhood on your website; your clients will then identify your business easily when they decide to visit.

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Choose the Best Sign Company in San Diego

Working with a professional and experienced sign company that is committed to offering quality services to its customers is critical to your business and your brand.

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