Balfour Beatty recently worked on a project for the San Diego Mesa College. When the builder needed assistance with digitally printed vinyl door graphics for classrooms in San Diego, CA, a project manager contacted our sign shop for help.

Digitally Printed Vinyl Door Graphics for Classrooms in San Diego CA!

Stylish Door Graphics Attract Attention and Make Wayfinding Easy

Vinyl Door Numbers for Schools San Diego CA

Currently, the school attracts more than 20,000 learners. It is fair to say that the hallways get crowded in between classes. For new students, finding the right classroom can be tricky. We designed, manufactured, and installed large vinyl room numbers that go directly on the doors.

Vinyl Numbers for Doors in San Diego CA

To make them fit, we placed them sideways with cutouts for windows. Of course, these door graphics do not replace the ADA-compliant room signs that are also part of the wayfinding package. However, the graphics add an attractive visual component to the otherwise white doors that fit in seemingly seamlessly with the walls. These splashes of color are now as functional as they are appealing.

Dressing up Doors with Graphics

Vinyl Door Suite Signs San Diego CA

You do not have to outfit a college with signage to appreciate the opportunities that door graphics bring to the table.

  • Perforated vinyl for glass doors. Wrap glass doors with perforated vinyl to display advertising messages. Doing so is ideal when you are adding new products or services to your business model. Most importantly, the plastic covering lets sunshine come in but cuts down on the heat buildup you experience inside.
  • Door lettering and numerals. Another option for a glass door is the display of your corporate name and logo along with hours of operation and contact details. You frequently see these displays on the doors of San Diego’s financial institutions or car dealerships. These door graphics offer information to the consumer who might not yet be ready to do business.
  • Branding with door graphics. Whimsical graphics or photos of your actual products entice shoppers to come on in. This setup is a good option for restaurants, bakeries, and similar venues. It gives passersby a quick understanding of what they might find inside. In the process, you succeed in courting the impulse stop.
  • Numbers and images. Take a page from the playbook of the college and feature your door numbers in vibrant colors that take up the entirety of the wood, glass, or metal surfaces. This look would also work well in medical offices that have multiple exam rooms. Another option is the use of images to code the purposes of various places. For example, add pictures of books to denote the library whereas graphics depicting computers could identify the computer lab.

Mixing and Matching Signage Solutions

Vinyl Numbers for Doors in San Diego CA

We recommend combining these types of door graphics with other signage solutions for a marketing and branding one-two punch. For example, wall-mounted ADA-compliant signs support the wayfinding function of the markers. Banner stands on the inside of a restaurant could expand on the graphics you presented on the doors. The same is true for a menu board that also features the price points of various dishes or services.

Choosing Digitally Printed Vinyl Door Graphics for Classrooms in San Diego, CA

If we have piqued your interest in adding colorful door graphics to your location, let our team help you with the design, sizing, and installation. We can work with any door that you currently have on the premises. Similarly, we can design the graphics around cutout areas or focus on the sizing first.

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