When the management team representative of Marque Medical first met up with our team at All Star Signs, there were concerns about the venue’s signage. Located at 2315 Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista, the clinic relies on back-lit channel letters for branding and wayfinding. However, over the course of the years, the style elements aged. Would this client need a new set of channel letters? No!

Saving the Client Money with Back-Lit Channel Letter Retrofits in Chula Vista, CA

Back-lit channel letter retrofits in Chula Vista CA

Our team visited the location for a site survey. Doing so allowed us to get a closer look at the channel letters. Because they were still structurally sound, it was possible to repair rather than replace them. We started with a good cleaning of the products. Next, we restored the exterior of the lettering where it was necessary. Finally, we installed new transformers to ensure proper illumination of all style elements. Now, the client’s signage once again shines brightly.

Could Your Business Benefit from a Light Repair or Retrofit?

Channel Letters for Urgent Care Centers in Chula Vista CA

Retrofits are ideal because they save money. In the past, fluorescent bulbs would provide the illumination for many signs. However, they no longer meet California’s energy standards. Besides that, they are expensive to operate. By retrofitting structurally sound channel letters with LEDs, you comply with changing laws and save money on energy.

In addition to retrofits, light repairs are becoming more popular. It is not unusual for the fronts of channel letters to take a bit of a beating. If you are near the ocean, salty air and sand can cause a dulling of the colors. Our team can quickly fix the fronts or replace them. Doing so leaves the actual lettering in place. Because you opt for a light repair rather than a replacement, you can coax many more years of service out of the existing elements.

Which Signs are Good Candidates for Retrofitting or Repairs?

LED Channel Letters in Chula Vista CA

We talk about structurally sound signs. These are the types of channel letters that have frames in excellent condition. In other words, you do not have to worry about replacing the sign elements’ bodies in the next couple of years. If we find items where parts of the signage body are corroded, broken, or otherwise compromised, we estimate the cost of repairs. If it turns out that a refurbishing and retrofitting would be close to a new front or back-lit channel letter installation, we tell you. You can then make an informed decision.

Who Opts for LED Retrofits in Chula Vista, CA?

Any business owner who wants to save money should consider a refurbishing, repair, or retrofit before investing in new signage. Although sometimes a complete replacement is unavoidable, our experts can pinpoint the situations when there are other options on the table.

Usually, we talk to clients whose signs are dimming. For some, there are letters that no longer illuminate after dark. Others notice cracks in letters, their fronts, or in back panels. Whenever there seems to be something amiss, it is a good idea to contact our team. Fixing the problem when it is still small ensures that we get you back up and running quickly.

However, other business owners contact us even though their signs are in good working order. These individuals are concerned about the safety of using neon. Besides that, they want to do their portion to become environmentally friendly. Even if they use fluorescent bulbs already, they know that these products emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, they call us in to handle retrofits during a time when the company is closed, which is convenient for the business.

Learn more about your options today. Call All Star Signs to invite our team out for a site survey. We proudly service the San Diego County area, which includes the cities of Chula Vista, San Diego, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Encinitas, La Jolla, and La Mesa.

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