Psychology has always been related to marketing. Every good marketer knows that most of the time clients make emotional decisions; they tend to be influenced by certain elements which trigger their wish of purchasing something.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how color affects the human psyche and impacts their purchase decisions, and also how can marketers use that knowledge to their benefit.

Influence of Colors

Colors have always played a significant role in marketing. A good color scheme can positively influence any customer.

As you probably noticed by now, every sale sign is written on a red background or with red letters. This is not happening by accident. According to several studies, a regular client needs only 20 seconds to get an impression after entering into a store. In these 20 seconds, the client makes a subconscious judgment, and it seems that a red colored sign has a positive impact on his/her decisions.

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Why Red?

Even though red is mainly used for sale signs, there are some colors that find their use in different situations. For example, blue is a marketing-friendly color because it expresses feelings of trust and confidence. That’s why blue is mostly used by financial institutions, law firms or insurance companies. People who need this kind of services won’t react to immediate trigger and they will need this “We can help you with your problems!” approach.

When it comes to red, the trigger is instant. People will immediately notice the sale sign, along with the price discount (if that’s the case), and will feel the urge of buying that product. If for example, we would use blue for the sale sign, people will have time to meditate and to think: “Do I really need this product?”, but this is not a very productive strategy in retail.

Shouldn’t We Use Newer Marketing Practices?

Absolutely! Marketing is one of the most dynamic sciences and it constantly needs to be updated. But when it comes to certain aspects, there is no need for improvement since they are already perfect.

Red color for sale signs is popular since 1960, and it will never become obsolete. Why? Because it’s not designed to be an ingenious marketing campaign, but to influence the client’s subconscious, making him/her desire your product. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

Final Thoughts

The science of colors is an amazing concept. It’s simple, but it can bring a huge positive impact on your business. Red will always be the perfect color for any sale signs, but for better results, it’s advisable to use it in contrast with other colors.

Remember to adapt and to always mix the science of colors with other marketing strategies because only then you will manage to record the highest sales levels.

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