Signs are a visual communication tool used by businesses of all types and sizes to reach their customers. Signs are vital in the marketing and branding of a business. On-premise signs indirectly improve the lives of consumers by indicating the availability of services or goods. They also play an important role when it comes to influencing impulse buyers. Impulse purchases create a significant amount of revenue for retail stores.

Some of the impacts a sign may include are:

  •    increasing in sales and profits
  •    leading customers to goods and services
  •    giving directions to business premises
  •    signs that show prices help consumers compare prices

Qualities of Good Signs

  1. Easy to Read

A good sign should be legible and clear with enough information to help the potential customer get to the business, like company’s name, what the company does and where it’s located. In some on-premise signs, prices of different products are included. Consider the case of an on-premise sign at a gas station.

  1. Unique

The contents of a sign should be used only by one company to avoid confusing the customers. This is why large companies have logos on their signs that are easy to identify. If a company has branches in different locations, the address written on their signs should be specific. Some companies also include their company’s motto to enhance the sign uniqueness.

  1. Visible

A good sign should be easily visible from different angles. Visibility can be enhanced by using LED lights or images to attract the attention of the potential or existing customer. Some on-premise signs use LED lights to attract customers, especially in busy streets or at night to let the customer know that they are still open (like motels, gas stations, late night chemists, nightclubs). However, pylon signs are associated more with visibility.


Small businesses may use wall signs or pole signs, while large establishments use both. Monument signs are the most visible and wall signs are mostly used for identity, and not necessarily for visibility.

A good sign is also easy to remember, but as the business grows and changes, so should the sign. Still, the changes on the sign should not be too significant to avoid confusing the target demographic.

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