Memorial Plaques | San Diego County CAThere is something about the beauty of metal that translates into the signage solutions your company might choose for its venues. Examples include cast and etched metal plaques in Escondido, CA.

What is the Difference?

Cast metal is the classic look that almost everyone associates with a plaque. Our company uses superior metal alloys that ensure durability and excellent looks. The casting process is ideal for aluminum and bronze. It creates products with raised lettering and symbols that may have a textured background. Besides that, you might choose from a variety of borders.

In contrast, the etching process is ideally suited for the type of plaque that shows a lot of detail, such as lengthy texts or intricate pictures. Because we use chemicals during the etching process, we recommend the use of stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass. There typically is no border that we use for these specially crafted products.

Most Popular Uses for Plaques

  • Map Evacuation Plaques | Escondido CADedication. Our clients frequently request personalized plaques for the dedication of buildings or other structures. These products memorialize people who had an impact on a particular organization. Besides that, they want to honor donors and others who contributed to the success of a group.
  • Memorial. Memorial plaques are not just for the cemetery anymore. They also serve as reminders at monuments and statues of events that occurred and had a profound impact on society in general or residents of an area in particular. Therefore, memorial plaques are just as much at home in museums as they are at traveling installations.
  • Wayfinding. When you need wayfinding signage that also meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines, you cannot go wrong with plaques. The metal is long-lasting, which lets people touch it time and again. Most importantly, these signs are easy to clean. Therefore, they are suitable for any location where you expect plenty of foot traffic. EVAC (Evacuation) Map plaques are also one of our specialties.
  • City signage. Municipalities like metal plaques for their logos and seal identification. The metal allows for formidable designs, which can take up a focal point on walls as well as a wayfinding function in parks and city neighborhoods. Because metal works just as well outside as it does inside, these markers go seamlessly from the interior to the exterior.

Ordering Metal Plaques in Escondido, CA

City Seal Plaques San Diego County CAWe routinely work with businesses and municipalities that need signage solutions for a broad range of uses. While we have already named the most popular applications, there are plenty of other reasons for commissioning one or more plaques. For example, you might need award plaques that become part of your in-house honoring of excellent employees.

You might also benefit from EVAC map plaques that you place outside and inside. If you have a courtyard, they would fit right in with the indoor and outdoor feel that you are cultivating.

If you are not sure what type of plaque you should consider, discuss your thoughts with our graphic designer. This expert will help you narrow down your selection and find the ideal design for your location. Contact us today to get started on the project!

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