Located at 14035 Midland Road, Smokin J’s BBQ offers an extensive menu of delectable choices. The company caters and delivers to its clientele. When it needed a building sign and blade sign in Poway, CA, the management team contacted All Star Signs for assistance.

Customizing an Artistic Restaurant Sign that Encapsulates a Brand Message

Exterior Signs for Restaurants in Poway CA

We worked with the client on the design of the sign. It features the graphic from the website, which customers are already familiar with. Our technicians started by cutting a medium density overlay panel into the desired shape. It features an old-West outline that looks perfectly in place.

A second panel is round for the blade sign portion of the marker presentation. Next, we created two digital prints of the pig on the spit that we then applied to half-inch-thick acrylic. We used the same technique for both signs. The finished product has a rustic appearance that looks great and perfectly encapsulates the restaurant’s brand message.

Combining Two Signs for Maximum Visibility

Building Sign and Blade Sign in Poway CA

The main building sign addresses the consumer who heads toward the restaurant. However, it is not easily visible from the sides, where others may be walking up to the locale. This is where the blade sign makes the most sense. It addresses the prospective guest who might be seeing the marker from a ways away, which could influence their choice of eatery.

Of course, a building and a blade sign are only one possible combination. There are also other signage options you might choose to augment your building sign.

  • A-frame. The A-frame consists of hard plastic that we imprint with your company’s corporate persona. Therefore, it is easy to recognize your branding. Besides that, you can request a product with pockets that are ideal for menus and specials. By placing the A-frame into the flow of foot traffic, you slow down passersby who can then take in your building sign.
  • Window graphics. When you have a storefront that includes corner windows, consider using window graphics to support your building signage. We recommend the repetition of your company’s corporate persona complete with the logo on the window panes.
  • Flags. Nothing gets the attention of passersby more quickly than a flag. Its slight movement in the wind attracts attention even from across the street. Because space is limited, we recommend reserving flags for logo displays that you repeat several times in front of your venue.
  • Menu board. A menu board causes the consumer to step closer. It repeats some of the deals that you are offering inside the restaurants. Because it is angled to address passersby who are walking in the general direction of your location, it becomes a significant visual draw.

Do You Need a Building Sign and Blade Sign in Poway, CA?

Restaurant Signs in Poway CA

This signage combination is a visually exciting and compelling brand presentation. Add to this the fact that the blade sign’s arm reinforces the message that the signage encapsulates. As a result, the consumer builds a specific expectation of what to find inside the eatery.

We can do something similar for your restaurant. All Star Signs serves the business communities in and around Poway, Carlsbad, San Diego, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Encinitas, La Jolla, La Mesa, and Chula Vista, CA. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation with our team.

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