Regardless of where you are in your business, whether it’s brand new or long-standing, there are simple signage solutions that can set a business apart. However, signage doesn’t have to be complicated to make a big impact. For the most part, small details in a business sign are more effective. Rather than looking for a crazy design, the following signage types can bring life to a business.

Reception Area Sigins Oceanside CA

Reception Logo Signs

The reception area of a business is a great opportunity for branding right as visitors enter. Logos can be implemented with an array of options in metal finishes and acrylic options. Depending on your specific brand, one may work better than the other. For more modern, industrial companies, the metal finishes give a contemporary feel. For a more whimsical or colorful finish, acrylic comes with nearly endless options in shapes and colors.

Having a well-crafted reception sign leaves a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. Since the first things someone sees can set the tone, having a professional first impression can be crucial for business relationships.

Exterior Signs

Signage outside of a business works as a marker for your location. It helps people find your business when they are looking for it, but can also help gain new customers as well. With the right sign company, you can design a sign that will work with the area of your location. If there are different vantage points and lines to work with naturally, it makes good sense to play off them for a more cohesive look.

directional wayfinding sign

Wayfinding Signage

If you have a larger building to work with, wayfinding signage will not only help people find where there are going, it will provide another branding opportunity for your company. Even further, having a good navigation system in place will give the appearance of being well organized and considerate when it comes to your customers.

ADA compliance can also be met with wayfinding signs, creating a multi-purpose solution for your signage needs. Depending on your building and brand, there is a multitude of options in design and color selections that will help create an engaging and financially worthwhile sign.

If you need help creating business signs for a new location or updating what you have, contact us today. Our team will work with you to define your goals and create signage to address your individual needs.