Full-color golf sponsor signs are an excellent way of recognizing the businesses and corporate entities that have contributed to your fundraising effort. The same goes for the people who are playing the tournament. Add your organization’s name and logo to the mix to ensure proper brand recognition. Best of all, when our sign shop’s flatbed printer creates golf sponsorship signs, you know that the quality is out of this world – on a reasonable budget.

Choose a Material

Which signage material is right for your needs? The markers must withstand any climate issues. In fact, you might even plan to reuse some of them. There are several substrates that we recommend.

Flatbed printer creates golf sponsorship signs

  • Coroplast. This material is ideal for outdoor use because it does not appeal to pests. Insects will not chew on the signage even if you leave the markers out for several days. Besides that, the sign works well also if it gets wet on the golf course.
  • Dibond. For even sturdier signs, you cannot go wrong with Dibond. It combines two sheets of aluminum with a polyethylene core. There is just enough give in the product to prevent bending or breaking. It is an ideal solution for wall mounts and tree installations.
  • Banner vinyl. For fences, the use of banners is a good solution. These are large and get the attention of people entering the course or playing through. If you anticipate windy weather, consider vinyl mesh banner blanks for use with the flatbed printer. It allows the wind to pass through and protects your signage investment.
  • And Many More. Our flatbed printer can also print on acrylic, metals, posterboards and more!

Common Design Considerations

Golf sponsorship signs using a flatbed printer

Tee signs are quite popular with some charities. A company sponsors a specific hole. There are plenty of styles to choose from. By using the flatbed printer, it is possible to put together multiple signs at once or create larger images. This cuts down on the expense as well as on the time you wait for your product. Even rush orders capitalize on the versatility of this printing technology.

For the pro shop and any banquet after the tournament, create wall decorations out of large card stock signage that features the corporate personas of all donors. Full-color prints that display larger than life convince donors that they invested wisely when giving to your charity. By the way, a step and repeat banner is ideally suited for photo taking. Once again, the use of our flatbed printer does away with the need for multiple vinyl pieces, which can result in unsightly seams.

Taking Advantage of Technology to Save Time and Money

Golf Sponsorship Signs | Escondido | San Diego County CA

Just because a sign shop has not invested in the latest print technology should not result in your having to spend extra time waiting for the products or even paying more. When All Star Signs’ flatbed printer creates golf sponsorship signs, you benefit from the latest technology. It results in superior products that become a reusable asset for your company.

Our shop proudly serves the business communities in and around metro San Diego County, which includes San Diego itself, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Encinitas, La Jolla, La Mesa, and Chula Vista. Contact us today to book a design session and start the process.

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