Before installing a sign for a business, permits must be obtained through local municipalities regardless of where you are located. San Diego is no exception. There are many regulations for signage in the city under the general regulations of the San Diego Municipal Code. These are in place so there is a system of regulations that is comprehensive both for business owners and government employees. This system is meant to serve as a set of standards to protect the public and the aesthetics of the City.

Other than specific circumstances, the regulations apply to all signs in the City. This makes it important for business of all sizes and ventures to understand what regulations must be met for their business signs. For those who are unsure, hiring a good sign company can take the guess work out of installing a sign, ensuring the job is complete and up to code.

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Whether a sign needs a permit or not, there are some violations to avoid when creating signage in San Diego.

It is illegal to do the following in the City:

  • Have any pennant, flag, banner, balloon or device to grab attention that is either placed, posted, painted or secured on public property. These devices also are not permissible if they are in the public right-of-way, meaning they get in the way of normal traffic by vehicle or foot. There are some exceptions in the Municipal Code and other specific statutes but it makes good sense to check with the municipality when in doubt.
  • On the subject of public property and the public right-of-way, lettering, card, poster or notices that are any curb, sidewalk, pole, post, utility box, hydrant, bridge, tree, building or surface is illegal if it is not listed in the Municipal Code or state statute as permissible.
  • Signs are not permitted to be displayed if they do not have the proper Sign Permit Sticker, as provided by the local municipality.
  • Signs that are not permissible under the regulations set forth by the San Diego Municipal Code are illegal. They are subject to fines and must be taken down to avoid further consequences.

Regardless of intent, signs that are in violation of the regulations by the City are treated as strict liability offenses. To avoid these violations, choosing the right sign company can help. At All Star Signs, we have worked with the local ordinances in San Diego. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next signage project.