privacy and decorative window graphics in Escondido CA Do you have an office or conference room surrounded by windows that make your desk or meetings visible to clients, vendors, and workers who pass by? Or, does your restaurant have large street-level windows located next to areas that get constant foot traffic? You can add a degree of privacy to your venue while adding decorative flair when you install privacy and decorative window graphics in Escondido, CA. Today, we will examine how these graphics are used and what we offer.

How Privacy and Decorative Window Graphics Are Used

As alluded to above, businesses are turning to etched or frosted vinyl films to add a level of privacy to glass panes throughout their building. To break your space up, you might consider geometric shapes or fanciful graphics. We can also incorporate your company’s logo into the frosted vinyl to help boost your brand awareness.

Even the cheapest bathroom mirror can be turned into a fashionable looking glass with the addition of etched vinyl. This is also true of your window panes as well as your office doors. Speaking of glass doors, the ideal way to invite customers in and reinforce your branding is by featuring your logo on your entrance doors. Before they even set foot in your facility, clients will see that you run a professional operation that pays attention to detail. Enterprises in any industry can benefit from this first impression.

privacy and decorative window graphics in Escondido CA Essentially, anywhere in your building where you would consider hiring a professional glass etcher, you can now save hundreds of dollars by using etched or frosted vinyl. And, only a well-trained eye will be able to tell the difference.

We Offer the Scotchcal Frosted Vinyl Film Series from 3M

3M’s Scotchcal glass films serve as a great option for our clients by ensuring both stability and durability. It offers us the ability to create frosted and dusted crystal effects on glass partitions and windows in your retail or commercial venue. By improving aesthetics and ambiance while providing the basic privacy and secrecy needed while conducting discussions and meetings, these privacy and decorative window graphics serve as a perfect mix of technology and innovation.

The frosted crystal vinyl films manufactured by 3M are designed to provide multicolor, special effect, permanent graphics for internally-illuminated displays and windows. These are translucent, cast PVC, self-adhesive vinyl films. Cast vinyl films are the most durable in the industry. In fact, 3M stands by their quality by offering a three-year warranty when installed in areas exposed to direct sunlight and fifteen-year warranty when used indoors. They are guaranteed not to curl or peel.privacy and decorative window graphics in Escondido CA

The Scotchcal glass films can be applied to any clear, rigid surfaces, including doors, glass, windows, and partitions. Plus, they are available in five different colors. The low gloss surface of each of the vinyl films reduces glare.

Now that you know a little about privacy and decorative window graphics in Escondido, CA, contact the friendly professionals at All Star Signs today for a free consultation on specific ways you can put them to work for your organization.