As a property manager, there are many factors you need to take into consideration when your facility is open after dark. You need to make sure your parking area is well illuminated to protect the safety of your workers and visitors. Your venue also needs to be easy for guests to find at night. The best way to do this is with lighted signs. Fortunately, All Star Signs is the top provider of lighted signs in Escondido CA. Some of the most popular solutions include:

Channel Letters

lighted signs in Escondido CAA favorite signage option is channel letter signs. These markers are usually installed on retail establishments, industrial buildings, and commercial office complexes. We get plenty of requests for them because they are versatile, effective, and affordable.

Channel letters are made with durable aluminum frames shaped to match the font you use for branding purposes. We then add a translucent acrylic face that matches your corporate colors, and the lighting source is incorporated into each letter. We install the channel letters individually, or we can first mount them on a raceway and install that on your building. Many landlords prefer that tenants use raceways since they require less drilling into the exterior of a structure.


lighted signs in Escondido CAIf your business seems to blend in with the other buildings nearby or if visitors keep saying they have a hard time finding your venue, it may be time to consider a cabinet sign. Like channel letters, the cabinets are made of top-quality extruded aluminum. The cabinets are protected from the harsh elements by car-grade paint and powder coating.

Lightbox cabinet signs get their signature appearance from the acrylic or plastic push-through faces. For extra strength, we recommend ordering vacuum formed faces. These cabinets are typically installed directly onto your building, but they can also be mounted on a pole or pylon.

Cabinet Monuments

lighted signs in Escondido CAThe cabinets can also be part of a monument sign to create a distinguished appearance. They are usually installed by the entrance to your parking lot. We recommend larger signs along roadways with high speed limits, so visitors will see your location with enough time to brake and turn safely. Cabinet monuments are ideal for being seen after dark.

If you drive by a church or school, you will often see cabinet monument signs with reader boards featuring scripture or information about an upcoming event. This is an excellent alternative that we offer, but LED message boards are quickly supplanting these markers. If you have information that is updated regularly that you need to get out to the community, LED message boards are the way to go. Plus, it is easy to update your message remotely using a computer.

This is just a sampling of the illuminated signs we can provide for your organization. As a one-stop sign shop, we take care of everything, including sign permitting, electrical work, design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and repair.

If you are interested in putting this branding tool to work for your enterprise, contact the friendly professionals at All Star Signs today for a free consultation on lighted signs in Escondido CA.

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