Custom Lobby Signs Escondido CASo, you have done your homework and found the ideal Escondido office space on LoopNet or Cityfeet. What comes next after you have made your deposit? A custom lobby sign from the professionals at All Star Signs! Read on to learn how to make your new space your own.

Why Lobby Signs?

If you have a company that welcomes customers into a reception area, you need to set the stage for their experience. For example, the lobby signs should be made from materials that give off an understated elegance and atmosphere of formality when a consumer expects to be treated in a professional manner. However, a more avant-garde enterprise would need a more progressive marker.

One of the main reasons local businesses contact All Star Signs is for custom Escondido lobby signs. We help companies define their brand with a reception area sign that summarizes their forward thinking attitude, longevity in the trade, commitment to customer support, and any slogan or motto that promotes their public image.

Material Choices

Picking the right materials for the job is the first step of the process. There are several different types of lobby signs available in Escondido. Some of the more popular material options are

  • Escondido Lobby SignsWood or Stone – An office setting that leans toward an earthy appearance can benefit greatly from natural materials. Wood or stone are popular raw materials for wellness spas, physicians, and other similar companies.
  • Metal – Businesses with a long history in a trade will find that markers made of metal alloys and aluminum are most suitable. Signs made from metal are a popular choice for accounting and legal firms.
  • Acrylic and Vinyl – Acrylic or vinyl markers fit right in whether you run an office that is more traditional or you opt for a setting that is minimalist. These materials are quite versatile in their display alternatives, so they can be used to take on any appearance.
  • Foam – Foam allows for the creation of striking interior signage without breaking your budget. This affordable dimensional lettering material suits virtually any setting with its professional and sleek appearance attained when finished with acrylic or aluminum laminate.

Branding Begins with Consistent Signage

It is key that your reception area signs harmonize with other custom markers. For instance, wayfinding signs that point to restrooms or other amenities should be made of the same materials and have the same colors as the main lobby sign. Signs denoting other areas in your office, such as waiting rooms, water and coffee stations, and conference rooms, should also match your lobby signs.

Best lobby signs in EscondidoEscondido businesses need to carefully consider the design of their reception area signs. We make certain that your marker uses the same logo design and font as your other marketing materials when you go with our graphic designers. This is crucial, since your lobby sign serves as one of your most important branding and marketing tools.

The more often customers see your company’s logo, the likelier they are to remember you. Once they begin to associate particular colors and fonts with your business, clients will start to trust you more. And, research shows that consumers tend to choose companies they trust.

Get your new office space off on the right foot. Contact All Star Signs today for a free consultation and quote on custom lobby signs.

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