The quality of life for workers heavily depends on what the office looks like. Drab walls are less likely to boost creativity and can make office workers feel boxed in. On the other hand, having brighter colors or a lot of natural light can help work against those boxed-in feelings and lead to workers feeling more fulfilled and less stuck in both literal and figurative senses.

Rather than going through a full redecoration, we have options in wall graphics that can help boost the productivity of workers. We work with materials that are easy to install and easy to remove, leaving the option to update as your company grows and the needs of your employees change. Even better, these can be updated with small changes to show off new philosophies and ideas in your business, depending on the wall graphic design you decide on early in the process.

Wall Mural Panels San Diego

Create a Mural

One of the best ways to utilize this option in signage is to create a wall mural. This can be done in many ways. Whether you are looking for one cohesive piece or want something you can continue to add to, there are many creative solutions.

  • Timeline. Whether it is a timeline of your company or the industry you work in, it can be a very visually appealing solution. In fact, this can be one of the most inventive ways to use your space. Whether you want a wall fully covered with a rich color in the background, or you want a more simple solution that can be added to as the company expands, we can make your vision a reality.
  • Accomplishments. If your company has many accomplishments under its belt, there are many ways to showcase them on your own wall. We can make custom images or use ones your company or a graphic designer you hire create and put them on the walls to serve as a conversational piece.
  • Getaway. You can also create a mural of a place somewhere else, such as a beach or mountain view. This can give employees a break from the office for a short period of time. These do especially well in break rooms and lounges.

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