Choosing a font for a sign can be one of the most difficult parts. Each typeface has its own benefits, from matching a logo to standing out against other font selections. For those who haven’t established one typeface they use across platforms, making a choice of one font to use consistently can be overwhelming. Choosing a typeface like a graphic designer is as simple as understanding the different fonts you can choose from.

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Types of Fonts

While some designers that are deep into the history of typography may claim that are countless types of fonts, there are four main categories that typefaces can be put into.

  1. Serif. In a serif font, there are small lines at the end of each stroke on letters and characters, sometimes referred to as “feet.” Generally, these fonts look more traditional and are seen as more “serious” fonts.
  2. Sans Serif. A sans serif font is simply a font that does not have serifs. These fonts are seen as more modern and sleek. This type of font is much more common in signage as it gives a bolder look without being bogged down with serifs.
  3. This is what handwritten or cursive-looking fonts are referred to in typography. Notably, these letters often have connecting letters and are often seen as unusual or unique rather than practical in use.
  4. Decorative. These fonts are designed to get attention. Between extra designs and curls, each is a unique font that doesn’t fall into the other categories. These are not often used in signage as they can be difficult to both manufacture and read.


When choosing a font for your marketing efforts and your business signage, readability should be a top priority. No matter how attractive a sign or piece of promotion looks, it won’t be effective if no one can read it. Making a font readable can be as simple as ensuring it is large enough, putting enough spacing between characters, or choosing a font that is naturally more legible.

Having trouble finding the right font? We can help. Choosing the right font can set the stage for how effective all of your marketing efforts are, but most notably your business signage. When starting out, the selections can be overwhelming. Our team helps navigate the various options in signage from the right font and colors to the materials to construct the new sign. Contact us today for more information.