Wall graphics are becoming increasingly popular in office environments. But, wherever the vinyl graphics are installed, you should have a good reason for putting them there in the first place. Every wall mural needs to serve a specific goal. At All Star Signs, we are skilled at creating wall graphics that serve your goals. To give you an idea of how this process works, here are some tips on how to design office wall graphics for your Escondido business.

What Are Your Specific Goals?

how to design office wall graphics for your Escondido businessBefore we start any project, we meet with you to discuss your vision for the project. What are the goals you want your wall murals to achieve? What design will easily achieve this mission? Clients come to us for wall graphics to achieve a wide variety of purposes. For instance, you may simply want graphics that brighten up your office. Other enterprises choose vinyl graphics to promote specific products. Your goals should guide you in your design.

Does Your Design Influence People?

how to design office wall graphics for your Escondido businessYour wall murals should inspire viewers to perform a follow-up action. For example, if wall graphics were installed to showcase a business’s values, do the graphics reinforce these values to workers and motivate them to incorporate them into their daily tasks?

The follow-up action should be in line with the mission of the wall mural. Your graphics should at least create an impression on viewers or give them something to think about even if the call-to-action is not immediate. Your call-to-action could be nothing more than getting consumers to recognize your branding and to think of your business when they need your services.

Are Your Graphics Attention Grabbing?

how to design office wall graphics for your Escondido businessA wall mural must be seen before it can influence or motivate its viewers. You should be able to catch people’s eyes with effective vinyl graphics. The size, location, and design of the wall graphics will affect the number of views it receives.

For the most part, bigger is better when it comes to wall graphics. It is too easy to ignore small graphics. However, if the wall graphics are too massive compared to their surroundings, they can be hard to understand and overwhelming. Any wall mural needs to fit the balance between these two extremes.

Just like your business, the location of your wall graphics will determine how successful they are. They are unlikely to be seen if they are placed in an area where no one goes. Ideal wall graphic locations that will be noticed include walls inside meeting rooms, waiting rooms, busy hallways, or reception areas.

When working on the design of your wall graphics, the colors you choose are incredibly important. They need to create a great contrast with their background without clashing. Your wall mural can be easily ignored if it looks too natural for its environment. There is an art to picking the right colors.

Do all of these design options sound a little overwhelming? Let the friendly professionals at All Star Signs take care of everything. For a free consultation on wall graphics in Escondido CA, contact us today.

how to design office wall graphics for your Escondido business