There are different types of lobby signs. Standard signage follows the tried and true model of logo boards or basic dimensional letters. However, high-impact signs leverage the power of creativity to present colors and fonts in an in-your-face way that is memorable. Look at some examples of high impact lobby signs in San Diego County.

Vibrant Colors Make an Unforgettable First Impression

High Impact Lobby Signs in San Diego County

It is fair to say that a splash of color on a neutral background wall will make a fantastic impression on anyone who enters your office. Feature your font in living color. Most importantly, ensure that it is easily visible by relying on a matte finish.

We recommend the use of acrylic, PVC, or sign foam. Our team can paint all of these surfaces in your custom colors. If you use gradient color changes, we can achieve them with imprinted vinyl overlays. By the way, you do not have to limit yourself to a lobby sign. Consider repeating its display also in the conference room.

Combine Your Corporate Persona with a Tagline

Custom Lobby Signs

The tagline is a highly memorable aspect of what makes your company differentiate itself from the competition. If you are deciding on dimensional letters, combine the company’s name with the tagline for a greater brand awareness building.

We recommend the use of brushed aluminum facings, which look fantastic and contrast well with a darker wall backdrop. Besides that, the brushed aluminum will not reflect the light; therefore, the signage looks great and is easy to read even when you have a light source right in front of it.

We can manufacture this type of sign by using aluminum or another metal. Another option is the use of sign foam that we then apply metal overlays to.

Make the Lobby Sign a Piece of the Interior Décor

Brand building lobby signs

The typical lobby sign displays above and behind a receptionist’s desk. It does not have to be this way

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. More and more San Diego County business owners try to get away from this predictable look. An excellent option is to incorporate a high-impact sign into the interior décor.

Its color, font presentation, and placement support the work of an interior designer. Feature it tastefully above a seating area, so it is just high enough up the wall to allow people to see the sign even when everyone is seated. Choose acrylic, PVC, metal, or wood for this type of display. Bamboo is now a favorite alternative material.

How to Order Your High-Impact Lobby Signs in San Diego County

All Star Signs serves the business communities in and around San Diego County, which include Carlsbad, La Jolla, Vista, San Diego, Oceanside, San Marcos, Escondido, Encinitas, La Mesa, and Chula Vista. We routinely work with business owners who are looking to boost brand awareness inside their offices and retail establishments.

Work with our team to discover a new set of materials that could perfectly encapsulate your brand message. Besides that, remember that our designer is at your disposal. If you are trying to break away from a traditional lobby sign display, see what this expert can put together.

Contact us today to schedule your design appointment!

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