Located at 1344 Industrial Avenue, FilterShine is your go-to expert for kitchen exhaust servicing. The firm has been serving restaurant kitchens since 2008. When the company added a Ford Transit van to its fleet of service vehicles, the management team contacted All Star Signs to commission 3M vinyl van wraps in Escondido CA.

Partial Wraps Combine with Vinyl Lettering for a Professional Brand Presentation

3M Vinyl Van Wraps Escondido CA

We worked with the client to put together an attractive brand presentation of its corporate persona. Our technicians emphasized a recreation of the color play and logo setup that the consumer sees on the company’s website.

To save the client money, we incorporated the van’s base color into the display. On the sides, you notice a large graphic and company name toward the back top of the van. Vinyl lettering and numerals spell out the phone number and website address. Lower down on the vehicle, they present a brand explanation.

The back of the van repeats this information. However, the wrap portion is more extensive. It clearly outlines the presentation of a kitchen hood that combines with the company’s name and logo. We added the phone number to the top of the graphic to shake things up a little.

The Upper Portion of the Vehicle is Prime Real Estate for Branding and Marketing Messages

3M Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in Escondido CA

When working with the client, we suggested the use of the van’s upper portion for the vehicle wrap. Most importantly, we focused the majority of the branding on this aspect of the vehicle. The reasons are easy to understand.

  • Easy visibility in bumper-to-bumper traffic. When you are traveling to and from various service appointments, there is a good chance that you will get stuck in Southern California rush hour traffic. While there are passenger cars next to you, the top of the van is taller. Therefore, your messages are easy to see over the roofs of the other vehicles.
  • A clear line of sight when parked. You park the van at a job site. People walk by the vehicle all the time. Because we place the 3M vinyl wrap style elements toward the top of the van, your information is easy to read.
  • Stands out in regular traffic. Pedestrians, too, have an easier time seeing the information when it is located higher up on a vehicle. Since the van stands out already because of its size, it makes sense to capitalize further on the height with element placement.

Typical Wrap Options

Ford Transit Van Wraps Escondido CA

When you are in the market for a vehicle wrap, you have options. You do not have to limit your selection to a partial wrap.

  • Full wrap. The full wrap covers the entirety of the vehicle’s exterior. It is fair to say that it is the best option when you have a complex message you want to get across. Most importantly, it allows you to change the color of a car, van, or truck to take on the tone of a corporate hue.
  • Partial wrap. Partial wraps take up a quarter, half, or three-quarters of your vehicle’s exterior. We integrate them with the paint job for the best results. Because we focus on the aesthetics of the design, our technicians might spread the wrap all across the vehicle rather than having it cut off at a specific point.
  • Perforated window covers. Some business owners prefer to treat only their rear and rear side windows. We use specialized perforated vinyl for this task. It allows your driver to see out while the consumer only sees the advertisement.

Ordering 3M Vinyl Van Wraps in Escondido CA, and Beyond

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