The contemporary office space features plenty of glass and chrome. Open floor plans make these spaces feel airy and allow for plenty of light to enter the venues. However, there are also some downsides. Case in point is privacy. Is there a way to fix it? Yes! Etched vinyl window graphics for San Diego offices could be precisely what you need.

A Closer Look at Modern Office Problems

Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for San Diego

You love the sunlight. You also love the ease with which you can see everything that is going on in the office. However, therein also rests the problem. There is little privacy in an open plan. Workspaces are frequently glass-enclosed. The same is true for the conference room.

As a result, many employees feel self-conscious when working with money or having meetings. For the HR department, glass wall offices create liability issues. Because many companies favor the open seating model and do not have cubicle dividers, privacy continues to be minimal. What is considered an advantage – easy communication across the space – also becomes a liability.

How Etched Vinyl Window Graphics Present a Solution

Window Graphics | Privacy Film | San Diego CA

Budget-friendly vinyl window graphics are an excellent solution that fits into any office setting. Best of all, you can adapt them to suit your brand message.

  • Geometric shapes for the conference room. Block the view into the conference room by installing window graphics over the middle two-quarters of the glass walls. Use perforated vinyl to allow meeting attendees to see out and sunshine to enter. Similarly, you might opt for semi-transparent vinyl that only partially obstructs the view inside the conference room

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  • Nature scenes. When you want to completely block the view into a meeting room, training session, or similar venue, we recommend the use of solid vinyl. Select a nature scene that fits into the interior décor of your office. Like a work of art, it presents on the middle third of your meeting room’s glass panel walls.
  • Stripes for office windows. Stripes are the ideal geometric shape for separating cubicles or office spaces with glass dividers. Rather than seeing everything your office neighbor is doing, you have an easier time focusing on your work. The little bit of clear space between etched vinyl graphics still lets you communicate without feeling that you are talking to a wall.

Ordering the Right Etched Vinyl Window Graphics for San Diego Offices

Interior Office Window Graphics San Diego CA

When you are ready to leave the fishbowl look and feel of the glass-walled office behind, the right set of window graphics makes all the difference. Our graphic artist will help you select the right designs that fit in well with your setting. If you like, we can incorporate your company’s name and logo presentations as etchings in frosted vinyl.

By the way, you do not have to limit yourself to the typical gray vinyl that people use for etched presentations. There are also plenty of colorful vinyl sheet products currently on the market. Discuss your options with our experts today.

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