Located at 200 East Washington Avenue, Masson & Associates specializes in engineering services, surveying, and mapping. The firm is instrumental in assisting its customers with the planning of residential, industrial, gaming, and educational facilities. When its management team needed an exterior acrylic building sign in Escondido, CA, a representative contacted our team for assistance.

Developing a Strong Brand Identity with Building Signage

Exterior Acrylic Building Sign in Escondido CA

We worked with the client to receive the specs for this sign. Because Masson & Associates has a sharp brand display, it would be vital for the building sign to echo its presentation. We ensured a perfect color match that equals the interior lobby sign’s looks a well as the online presentation of the logo.

Our technicians used acrylic because of the durability that this material brings to the mix. Digitally printed vinyl guarantees the right color display that makes the logo so memorable. Installers mounted the style elements flush to the wall, where they present with an impressive brand-building display.

Why Choose Matching Building and Lobby Signs?

Matching Building and Lobby Signs in Escondido CA

Brand-building is an essential practice in business. It consistently reminds the consumer of the values s/he shares with the company. Similarly, it is a critical component of becoming a household name. To have a customer remember you, the brand message must be memorable. Commercial enterprises achieve this goal in a number of ways.

Many elect to have their brand messages be consistent throughout the various display venues. This means that the online display of the corporate persona looks the same as the lobby sign as well as the building sign. Some take it a step further and request that our sign shop prepare a building and lobby sign combination that is virtually identical.

This means that we prepare a signage design that uses the same materials, colors, and fonts. When developing a lobby sign, we scale down the display to suit the interior wall space. In some cases, this step takes a little extra work. Cases in point are clients who request the use of interior channel letters.

We can recreate the look of an exterior channel letter sign by significantly changing the sizing of the aluminum lettering bodies. Besides that, we reduce the height and width to be in keeping with the proportions of the interior space. Doing so offers excellent visual appeal and a heightened brand reminder.

How Brand Signage Helps the Consumer

Acrylic Building Signs Escondido CA

Brand displays are what make the customer return to you. It guides buying decisions. Also, it helps the shopper to recognize your product among others. Businesses use advertising to highlight products and services. However, the branding is what makes the consumer take notice and choose an item even if it means having to pay more or drive farther to get it.

Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who seek to heighten brand awareness of their current customers. At the same time, they try to create brand knowledge among prospective buyers. Colors, fonts, shapes, and even sizing factor into these displays.

Building signs are what passersby see immediately as they notice your venue. Customers in search of your building appreciate the sign on the façade that makes it easy to locate the right locale. Aside from these two types of consumers, there is also the brand-building that takes place simply because you have the information clearly visible for all to see.

Working with the Experts to Design an Exterior Acrylic Building Sign in Escondido CA

Discuss your building signage needs with our graphic artist. We assist you with the design, material options, and color presentation. Contact us today to get started on your project!