Epik Work LLC is an experienced marketing firm that does business at 5600 Avenida Encinas. As a collaborative consultancy, the firm can grow your marketing. When the company’s management team wanted custom-designed vinyl wall lettering and graphics in Carlsbad, CA, a representative contacted our sign shop for assistance with the project.

Working with the Client to Encapsulate a Brand Message in the Wall Graphic Design

Vinyl Wall Lettering and Graphics in Carlsbad CA

Using digitally printed vinyl, we received the specs for the company’s custom color use. Next, we created three distinct displays.

  • Lobby sign. We printed a two-color display of the company’s name and logo. Our team installed the lettering perfectly above a computer setup. There, it looks like a lobby sign in size and presentation.
  • Motto rendition. Another wall graphic features the company’s logo with the words “transform” and “thrive.” We installed them next to a shelving unit. They are sufficiently large to catch the eye of anyone who walks past the display.
  • Lettering only. We repeated the motto without the logo presentation. This time, we placed the lettering above a glass wall. It fits in perfectly with the tone of the wall and ceiling tiles. It is fair to say that the color play looks like the letters belong there.

If You Are Not Yet Using Vinyl Wall Graphics and Lettering, Read This

Vinyl Wall Lettering and Graphics in Carlsbad CA

Vinyl graphics and vinyl lettering brands, markets, and communicates with employees and customers. Most importantly, it is budget-friendly and completely customizable. Vinyl wall lettering and graphics combine for a powerful branding one-two punch. There is no better way for you to get your message across.

Another advantage is the versatility of the medium. It fits in perfectly with your interior décor. At the same time, you succeed in presenting your words in style. Some clients have had excellent success with the reproduction of old photos and new messages. By juxtapositioning these images, the message became all the more clear.

Secondly, the use of photos, graphics, and other images help the consumer build brand awareness. It is a mnemonic device that sometimes works better than the written word. Because the combination of pictures and lettering appeals on an aesthetic level, your customer is more likely to take note of the message. In areas where your customers might wait for a while, the combination of the two can be instrumental in helping the consumer make a buying decision on a gut level.

This happens when you succeed in convincing the customer that you differentiate yourself from the competition. When the consumer feels good about doing business with you, they are more likely to sign up for your services or buy your products.

How to Buy Vinyl Wall Lettering and Graphics in Carlsbad, CA

Vinyl Wall Lettering for Offices in Carlsbad CA

Our sign shop routinely works with clients who are looking to boost their brand’s reach. They need budget-friendly ways of supporting other signs that they already have inside their corporate offices or storefronts. With customized vinyl wall graphics and letters, we can help you achieve this goal.

Set up an appointment with our graphic designer today to put together a display that fits perfectly with your message.

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