All signage has its own unique purpose. When you create an LED sign for the front of your business, you are creating a marker for those looking for you to find the building while also creating intrigue for customers that have not found you yet. When you create wall graphics, it is much more about visual appeal and making a space fun. When creating a banner, you should have the same amount of focus in the message you are trying to convey.

call to action banner

After all, a marketing investment without focus is a waste of money. Instead, think of what the purpose of your banner is before considering other design elements such as color or image. While this advice may seem obvious, too many business owners start at the end of the process and try to work their way back. Instead, consider what you are trying to say and create a banner that works as a call to action rather than a generalized promotion of your brand overall.

Before starting your design or deciding which call to action to use first, there are a few simple questions to ask to better start the process:

  • Who is my audience? Is the banner to inform a targeted audience or aimed at the general public?
  • Is this to promote a specific product or service?
  • Is there a special that is running that is only available for a limited time?
  • Is this a message of thanks or a message of incentive?
  • Does this banner tie in with a general event or is it specific to your business?
  • Is the item, event or other promotion something accessible each day or does it have a deadline?

For banners that have a deadline attached to them, those dates should be clear and should be a focal point. However, if it is for a product that is just launching but will stick around, the product is more of the focal point. Similarly, a banner that is part of an overall event, such as a community festival, should highlight the bigger event rather than your specific part in it.

These decisions can be tough. Contact us today to get an experienced team behind you as you create a call to action banner perfect for your needs.