Channel Letters for San Diego Area Businesses

Channel Letter Signs San Diego County CAAre you located on a busy highway? Do customers have trouble locating your business? Or, do you just want to stand out from the other businesses around you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should strongly consider channel letter signs for your San Diego area enterprise. For decades, this signage option has been a favorite for strip malls, industrial and commercial office facilities, urban storefronts, and shopping malls.

The next time you go for a drive in a commercial business area at night, take a moment to assess what you see. In addition to illuminated monument signs, channel letters also stick out. These are the perfect markers for helping your clients find you in any weather and at great distances. 

Front Lit Channel Letters

Also known as standard channel letter signs, this option is bright, bold, and simple to read from far away. This has made it the most common type of dimensional channel letter. Front lit letters emanate light from the face of the logo and each letter, and they are used for schools, storefronts, commercial buildings, restaurants, and more.

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Escondido Channel Letter SignsCommonly referred to as reverse lit channel letters, these are the second most common alternative. The letters are reversed, so the light comes from the back of the letter to produce a visually striking halo effect on the wall. This makes halo lit channel letter signs ideal for a more elegant presentation.

Open Face Channel Letters

Places that require a highly visible presence at night, such as nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, will benefit from open face channel letter signs. These letters work essentially the same as the front-lit channel letters, only the acrylic face is clear, thus exposing the light source underneath.

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back-lit channel letter signs are not only illuminated through the front face, but they also have light coming out of the back. You get a gentle halo in the back in addition to the crisp lit face.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Design options for Channel Letter Signs in Escondido CAIlluminated channel letter signs may not be allowed by certain landlords or in specific municipalities. Don’t worry! For our non-lit channel letters, we use high gauge aluminum. They are routed into shape and have smoothly welded edges and deep returns. After being primed, we paint them with car grade paint. To create extra depth and a soft shadow, these markers are typically mounted with standoffs. We can also use spotlighting or landscape lights to make your sign visible at night.

We mount channel letters to a raceway or directly to the façade of your building. And, cost-effective, energy efficient LEDs, as well as neon lighting options, are available. We will work with your vision and budget to produce the perfect channel letters for your business.

Areas We Serve

All Star Signs is proud to serve Carlsbad, Vista, San Diego, Oceanside, San Marcos, and the rest of San Diego County from our headquarters in Escondido, California. To get a free no-strings-attached quote and consultation on channel letters for your enterprise, give us a call or click below for a free estimate.

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