Contractor Truck Lettering Escondido CAWhat comes to mind when you see a plain white van with no graphics, lettering, or windows? Do you assume that it is being used a high quality professional contractor? Probably not. Some may think of how these vans are usually used for kidnappings in movies. Whatever you may envision, a plain vehicle does not inspire trust. For many of us, it sets off alarms of potential danger. Is this the image you want for your contractor business? We didn’t think so. That is why we have put together this guide for choosing the best sign company for contractor truck lettering in Escondido, CA.

Online versus Local Sign Company for Contractor Truck Lettering

As you search for sign companies that do truck lettering in Escondido, CA, you will likely stumbled across some online only businesses. They are more focused on producing a product and not services. When you go with an online provider, the imagination and vision required to make your van or truck look good is left to you. You are also left to install it yourself. Unfortunately, if you want your lettering to last five or more years without peeling, it must be installed properly. Internet businesses cannot do this.

Contractor vehicle vinyl lettering Escondido CAThe layperson does not know how to prevent air bubbles from forming or how to properly prepare an automobile for best adhesion. And, if anything should go wrong when you are installing the vinyl on your own, an online provider will not have support for you. When picking a company for contractor truck lettering, Escondido, CA businesses need to consider service. When you pick a full service sign shop, you will have a better experience.

Custom Vinyl Lettering

Plain old black lettering on a white vehicle used to be the height of mobile adverting. Not anymore. When you choose a local sign provider, we will work with your marketing budget to come up with solutions that catch the eyes of prospective customers. We will learn about the vehicles for which you need letters installed, your company, and about your target demographic. With tools that truly customize your approach, a full service commercial sign company will be able to make your fleet stand out. Look for these factors:

  • Expert Installation – Installing vinyl lettering and spot graphics takes more than just peeling off the back and sticking it to your van. Getting an expert touch, perfectly straight lines, and aesthetically pleasing designs takes the work of experienced and professionally trained technicians.
  • Contractor Vehicle Graphics Escondido CAPersonal Approach – The sign shop should provide a trained customer service representative who serves as a contact between the truck lettering business and your company.
  • Top Quality Materials – There is no substitute for high quality materials. The sign company should use the best vinyl raw materials. Make sure they are using manufacturers like 3M, Avery Dennison, or Oracal. When you have the best materials, you are less likely to experience peeling or fading.

You do not want to compromise quality when you are using your vehicles to brand your company to potential consumers on the street each day. Instead, go with an experienced Escondido sign company. Contact All Star Signs today for a free consultation and quote.

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