The Frontera Business Park features seven buildings on more than 500,000 square feet. The IDS Real Estate Group manages it. Just recently, Dempsey Construction did extensive work on the property. At that time, the construction company determined that it needed aluminum fire lane signs in Otay Mesa, CA, for the Frontera Business Park. This was when the phone rang in our sign shop.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing a Fire Lane Sign

Aluminum Fire Lane Signs in Otay Mesa CA

The marker consists of half-inch-thick aluminum. It is a blade sign that stands tall, which makes the message easy to read. Our team added a subliminal branding for the office park, which ties in with the venue’s overall signage.

We treated the front of the blade sign with reflective digital printing that displays three different colors. They create opportunities for visual separation, which adds to the ease of readability. Now, the marker offers safety messages that all visitors to the venue can see. Besides being functional, it fits in perfectly with the overall design of the locale.

Safety Signage Options

Fire Lane Sign San Diego County CA

Shopping centers, business parks, and school campuses require excellent safety signs. Because there is so much foot traffic as well as vehicle operation, it is essential that the management company spells out the rules. You have several options when you think of outfitting your location with appropriate markers.

  • Fire extinguisher signs. These feature the red on white print that takes on the shape of an arrow. You frequently see it inside of restaurants. However, more and more business centers now feature these outside, too.
  • “Do Not Enter” message. This wording may feature an additional danger notation or display without one. It alerts pedestrians that this is an area that is off-limits to visitors. Frequently, you see these signs near entrances that are for employees only.
  • Fire lane signs. Take a page from the playbook of Dempsey Construction, and order a fire lane sign for the property you are working on. It helps with the parking situation when a quick stop seems like a good idea – but is not.

Most of these signs manufacture well with the use of aluminum or Dibond. However, this is not your only option. For example, traffic safety signage can also take the form of floor and wall graphics. Identify areas where pedestrians might cross a parking lot or define walkways where drivers must slow down considerably due to pedestrian traffic.

How to Order Business Park Fire Lane Signs and Similar Products for Your Location Today

Do you need aluminum fire lane signs in Otay Mesa CA or any other safety signs for your location? Our sign shop can help. Besides that, we can also assist with other signage solutions you might need for branding, marketing, and advertising. Safety signs do not have to be plain. Our team routinely succeeds in adding brand messages to these signs without detracting from the essential words.

If you are unsure what your signage might look like, connect with our graphic artist. This expert will gladly sit down with you to design the product you have selected. We can work with the specs you have on hand or put together something completely new from the ground up.

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