ADA Tactile Braille Signs San Diego CountyJust about all public buildings in San Diego County are required to have signs that are compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. This includes signage in your parking lots as well as inside and outside of your facilities. Fortunately, All Star Signs is one of the top suppliers of ADA and Braille signs for the San Diego metropolitan area. We have the most innovative and best quality portfolio of products for helping your organization meet ADA guidelines. Plus, we can create custom markers for your project with our manufacturing process.

ADA Signage Varieties

We supply all types of ADA signs. Customers commonly contact us for the following options:

  • ADA Tactile Braille Signs San Diego CATitle 24 Restroom signs
  • Wayfinding signs for handicapped accessible exits and routes
  • Handicapped parking signs
  • Braille directories and suite signs
  • And many more

We ensure your ADA signage is in compliance far into the future by offering a wide range of durable materials that can stand up to any extreme weather. Some of the top material choices are wood, high-density urethane, aluminum, various other metals, acrylic, and plastic.

Personalization Will Help Boost Your Branding

Potential lawsuits or complaints are the main driving force behind many companies choosing to install ADA signs. This causes these businesses to look for the least expensive alternative. However, they are passing up a chance to build their brand. We can produce markers incorporating your logo and using your company colors while still communicating required information to guests in your building. This will help drive sales by contributing to your brand recognition.

ADA Compliant Signs for San Diego CountyBased on the materials you want, our signs can be designed to be totally customizable. We can supply you with solutions that fit your interior décor. With today’s cutting edge technology, just about anything is possible in the signage industry. All Star Signs’ shop is outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment to produce anything you need.

Who Needs ADA Markers?

From design and fabrication to installation and maintenance, we will guide you through every step of the process with our extensive knowledge and experience. The following facilities can benefit from ADA signs:

  • Medical facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Municipalities
  • Hotels
  • Educational institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Firms
  • Airports
  • Theaters
  • And just about every other business

To make certain we produce high-quality results for our customers, we hold every ADA signage project to the strictest standards using equipment and materials we keep on-site. When fabricating your ideal signage, our graphic designers have access to a broad array of resources. We are your one-stop sign shop with our depth of expertise when it comes to ADA requirements. In addition, we have a Certified Access Specialist we work with who you can help determine what you need to do to become ADA compliant by performing a site survey.

Areas We Serve

All Star Signs proudly serves all of San Diego County, Riverside, and the Los Angeles area. We can provide ADA signs to anywhere in the country and help you find a qualified installer if needed.

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