Signage for your business serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. You need people to be able to find your physical location, but you also need your architectural lettering to have a visual appeal that not only gets attention but prompts passersby to stop in and see what you have to offer.

Lettering can get the job done in a simple and crisp-looking way. The focus stays on the name and important information about the company in a simple design that gets straight to the point, leaving only your marketing message as the takeaway.

architectural lettering in Oceanside CA

Importance of Architectural Lettering for Your Brand

The right signage and architectural lettering sets you apart and makes you stand out. This is because of how simple yet well-designed the end result winds up being. Whether you decide to use metal lettering or try out acrylic or wooden options, these letters can set the tone for your marketing efforts.

1. Draws the Right Traffic

Depending on where your signage is placed, it can draw the traffic on the street or the sidewalk into your store. For instance, installing a business sign higher up than other locations, it becomes easy to see that individual sign from a busy road and can attract passing cars. Similarly, signs mounted on the ground can be placed near a road to attract traffic, especially if your building is a bit hidden or farther from the road.

2. Architectural Lettering Reinforces Your Brand

Using architectural lettering on your building with your logo can help reinforce your brand’s image. Keeping the connection of your brand with your physical location as well as your products or services will help cement these associations in the minds of your customers.


3. It’s a Low-Cost Marketing Strategy

You only pay for a sign once, and it keeps on working hard for you as long as it’s in plain view. Every time a person looks at or notices your sign, it’s doing its job. The reach of signage as a marketing tool is cheaper than doing other types of advertising, such as ads for TV, radio or newspapers.

Architectural Lettering and Signage Gets You Noticed

To get noticed, help people find your physical location, and keep your branding consistent, you need architectural lettering and building signs. Our team at All Star Signs understand the intricate balance between beautiful signage and going overboard. We will guide you through the options to find a sign that best reflects your message.